St. Mary's Rules and Regulations
Revised: March  26, 2012
Rules and Regulations
Governing the Conduct of
 St. Mary’s Cemetery, Tell City, IN
Wayne Sprinkle, Sexton
1.        Any work in St. Mary’s Cemetery must be approved by St. Paul Church
2.        ALL foundations and monument work MUST be done by insured monument retailers only who assume responsibility             for all work done.  Proof of $1,000,000 Liability Coverage must be submitted to St. Paul’s Church
           office before doing any work in St. Mary’s Cemetery.
3.       St. Paul Church reserves the right to restrict commerce with any company that has not practiced ethical behavior when             conducting business at the cemetery.
4.      St. Paul Churcheserves the right to prohibit any action not covered herein that would be deemed ot  in compliance  with         the overall plan for this cemetery.
5.     No person other than St. Paul Church or their helpers shall dig any grave excavate any earth, cut any sod, alter the         grade of any lot or remove any earth therefrom, or sod any grave or lot,  without first obtaining permission.
6.     All digging of graves will be performed by a person chosen by St. Paul Church NO EXCEPTIONS.  As of March 5, 2012         the present grave digger is Patrick Brumfield.
7.    Additional rules may be added if deemed necessary by St. Paul Church.
8.   The cemetery charge for a plot will be the same as the city charges for equivalent at Greenwood Cemetery.
9.   The right to use a lot for burial in St. Mary Cemetery will be sold at such prices and on such terms St. Paul Church shall        establish.  This right of burial does not convey a right of property in any lot, but  merely the privilege to use the
      same for the purpose of interment of the human dead, subject to the rules of the Roman Catholic Church, the statutes of           the Archdiocese Cemetery Committee.
10.  The transfer of lots or part of lots to a third person must be reported to St. Paul Church for record, before the purchaser         will be allowed to use same.
11.  Persons desiring to purchase lots should contact the funeral home of their choice.
12.  Persons desiring to allow the internment of bodies other than members of their own family must give                a  written permit for the same, signed by the lot owner and present same to the St. Paul Church for approval.
13.  No grave sites or lots may be exchanged for lots in another part of the cemetery.  However, they may be sold by the         owner, to another party.  This change must be recorded on the Cemetery map.
14.   Graves are limited to four graves to any one purchaser, unless special permission is given by St. Paul Church.
15.   All graves must be sold in lots of two or four graves.  They must be sold in rotation.  Exception - one grave may be         bought in the low part of the older part of the Cemetery.
16.   No fence of any kind shall be erected in Saint Mary’s Cemetery for the purpose of enclosing any lot or grave.  No foot         stones or foot markers are permitted at any grave.  Also no grave slabs on any lot except on lots where they now exist.
17.   St. Paul Church shall be responsible for any land marks.
18.   Stone or concrete coping around lots or graves are hereby prohibited.
19.  Foundations for monuments must be eighteen inches deep and must not be exposed above the ground on any         side. (see detailed monument rules)
20.   After a grade has been established, same shall not be changed and no lot shall be changed and no lot shall be raised         above the established grade.
21.   The planting of trees, shrubs, or flowers on lots by lot owners is prohibited. If any plants, trees and shrubs are on any         lots they shall be removed by the caretaker.
22.  Flowers in vase containers may be placed on the graves at certain times of the year, but these must be removed by         grass cutting time.  All other articles are prohibited on the graves such as:  Shepherd Staffs, wire to hold baskets down         and decorative baskets. However flowers may be placed on monuments but no planted flowers are allowed on         monuments.
23.  Persons engaged in erecting monuments, etc. shall not place ropes, stay or support to a tree, shrub or monuments.
24. Stone cutting will not be permitted in the Cemetery without first having obtained permission from St. Paul Church         and then only at places designated by the church.
25.  Heavy hauling will not be permitted in the cemetery when the drives are soft and are liable to be injured thereby.              Those responsible for excavating the graves must not make ruts or otherwise damage or violate the appearance of             the Cemetery.  They must use plywood or some other suitable material to prevent ruts.  In the event repairs are made             by the church, a fee will be charged.  Any Cemetery Memorial which is moved, in order to excavate a grave, shall be             placed back and
            resealed in its original position.
26.       Receptacles have been placed at convenient locations in the cemetery for trash,
            and all persons are requested to deposit their trash in such.  Throwing trash on
            adjoining lots or in the cemetery is prohibited.
27.       The Sexton has the authority to clear dead or wilted flowers from graves seventy-
            two hours after internment.
28.       All bodies except infants under two years of age, must be interned in either concrete or metal boxes or any other    material such as fiberglass or plastic, made with  sufficient strength to guarantee as long or longer life than concrete or metal.
29.       No vaults or mausoleum above ground level shall be permitted in this cemetery.
30.       In Section F which is the section now being used in year of 1977.  The lot marker is on the south west of each lot.  Graves must be opened eighteen inches from head part of grave and must have four inches of ground on each side.  Graves to be 4X10 feet and 4 ½  feet deep.  All opening of graves in other parts of  the cemetery must be as per the section rules.  Section G graves must be opened 21” from head part of grave and must have 4” of ground on each side.  Graves are to be 40”X8’ and 4 ½ feet deep.  The lot marker in on the North east corner.
31.       Visitors are reminded that the Cemetery grounds are sacred and devoted to the
            internment of the dead, and hence a strict observance of the conduct which should
            be observed in such a place is expected.
32.        Foundations for monuments should be the same length and width of the
             monument base.  But not to exceed 16 in. in width.  Depth of foundation is
            18-20 in.  All foundations are to be ground level –NO exposed concrete OR
            concrete caps are allowed.  Example:  3.6 x 1.0 base = 3 ft.6in. Length x 1 ft.
33.         Persons not following these rules set forth by St. Mary’s Cemetery
             Committee could be banned from performing any work in the cemetery as
             per discretion of the committee.
34.       All monuments erected in St. Mary’s Cemetery must be placed on a cured
            and dry concrete foundation.  The exception being Bevel and Slant markers
            without bases under 20 in. in length.
35.      All monuments must be 18-20 in. in  depth,  concrete foundation.  No exposed
           concrete.  Monuments must not exceed the following dimensions:
                        Height including base:  44 in.
                                    Length:  Single 42 in.
                                                  Double 72 in.
                                                  Triple  96 in.
Last Published: November 2, 2015 5:44 PM
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